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After a thirty minute complimentary phone conversation, if our services are a fit for you our team begins the assessment process.   


From the information gathered in the assessment process, we will create a comprehensive plan of action based on each individual client's situation.  



We offer two approaches to aging life care: a comprehensive care program and a proactive planner program.


Aging Life Care Charleston's full-service program 

The comprehensive care program spans a wide array of services and  

covers all aspects of a client's daily life as well as future planning.


We plan for weddings, babies, higher education and job training — and funerals.           

But do we plan for aging?

Even if all is well, the experiences of friends, neighbors and family members can serve as incentive to consider the need for an adviser or advocate in the future. Establishing a relationship with Aging Life Care Charleston before one’s life situation changes dramatically can ease any difficulties that may arise. As we get to know our proactive planner clients, we become their trusted advocate, advising on long-term planning, acting as their liaison in estate, financial and home-care and health matters, and giving them the confidence that they will continue to build their own future.

Typically this program is for clients who do not need active care management, but want to plan for their future.  

Services: Services

Aging Life Care Charleston Services

After our professional assessment, we hand pick the services that our client needs and provide a detailed plan of action

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Listed below are some specific examples of services we provide.


  • Creating a customized care plan including resources and next steps

  • Friendly social check in visits

  • Help navigating a planned or unplanned hospitalization

  • Help coordinating hospital discharges


  • Guidance on next steps for your aging loved one

  • One time resource consultation

  • Crisis Intervention

  • End of life discussions and planning

  • Dementia Caregiver Consultation 


  • Home safety assessments

  • Nurse home visits for health checks and medication management

  • Screen, arrange and monitor in-home care such as home health, hospice and respite care


  • Serve as an adviser to your Health Care Agent

  • Monitoring visits to rehab and short term stay communities

  • Monitoring visits to assisted living and long term care communities

  • Attending medical appointments as advocate and liaison


  • Coordinate referrals to community resources including educational programs, support groups, scholarships, grants and matching funds programs

  • Offer referrals to financial, legal or medical specialist we trust in the community


  • Assist with or manage bill pay or money management tasks as needed

  • Assist with insurance and other business matters including managing mail

  • Cost effectiveness analysis for future long term care planning

Interested in our services for a loved one, but not sure what they need? 

We will tailor our services specifically to them and guide you through

our suggestions and next steps. 

Are you a professional with a senior client who needs additional support?  

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